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We're GetWet Swimshop.

We're recreational swimmers, swim club members, parents of swim team members and even a coach of a recognized swim team who love the water, thrive on chlorine-filled air and still pull-off the odd cannonball whenever we have the chance.

We've specialized in the area's of competitive swimming and Aqua Fitness related activities to individual enthusiasts, swim teams and pool clubs since 2004. Unlike other on-line swimshops with countless brands and styles, we're committed to providing our customers with only the best product offering available and do so through careful consideration in selecting products we feel are best suited for our customers.

With so many products available, our goal is to help our customers save time and confusion by sifting through hundreds of items and styles to present a range of products that deliver the best in terms of quality, value and practicality.

We thank you for visiting our store and invite you to visit often as we continue to add to our selection.
Rob, Rick, Jason, Emma, Marc and team.

GetWet Swimshop
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2212, 46th Avenue
Lachine, QC
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